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instruction & performance calendar

Schedule for November & December
All lessons are for one hour unless otherwise noted.
Monday      Tuesday     Wednesday   Thursday     Friday     Saturday     Sunday

23          24          25          26            27          28           29
4:30-Dan F.    5:00-Max M.                THANKS-      FULL MOON    10:00-Shelly G. 
6:00-Justin D.   6:00-Eric D.                     GIVING     TRANCE DANCE! 
                                              doors open 6:00                                                                   dance begins 7:00   
                                              @ the Funky Om                                                                     
195 E. Main St.

                           * * * DECEMBER * * *                      
30          1           2           3            4             5           6
7:30-Tom S.                           10:00-Matt O.

7           8           9           10           11            12          13
3:00-Chris G.   5:00-Max M.   PERFORMANCE    1:00-Shelly G.                        9:00-Rob H.
4:30-Dan F.     
6:00-Eric D.
  at Absolute Yoga   2:00 Lani W.                          (2 hours)
6:00-Justin D.                 
1 Guilles Lane      (1/2 hr.)
Woodbury, NY       7:30-Tom S. 

                      7:30 start

14          15         16           17           18            19          20    
                                                   2:00-Lani W.                         10:00-Matt O.                                                             7:30-Tom S.

21          22         23           24           25            26          27
3:00-Chris G.   5:00-Max M.
                                      MERRY        FULL MOON 
4:30-Dan F.     6:00-Eric D.                                    CHRISTMAS!   TRANCE DANCE
6:00-Justin D.                                                                   doors open 6:00
                                                         dancce begins 7:00
28          29         30           31       HAPPY NEW YEAR!
10:00am-Lani W.         

Performance details

Avidya & The Coyote

Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Lane, Woodbury NY

Music, mantra and moving meditation. Stephanie Carlin (Avidya) and I will be recording a collection of mantras just a few days after this, so we are making this night our trial run. Elyce Neuhauser leads the movement & meditation.


Full Moon Trance Dance

Practice Body MInd Soul, 1500 Old Northern Blvd. , Roslyn NY

Every month on or around the Full Moon, we host Trance Dance, and it is our call to action…when we come together and move together, we are called together to create a movement. And the world needs some positive movement, dare I say LOVE, right now!

Yes, now is the time to get out of your monkey mind and dive into the greater conversation that is the dance: where actions, thoughts and emotions become enmeshed with music, intention and breath, and yes a little sweat and a lot of fun. It is then that we can transcend the ordinary, put down our names, our things, our skin color, our race, and pay attention to vibration, creation and our humanness. ‘Tis the season to be thankful for who we are, not the stuff we have, but the stuff we are made of. Abundance is already here, without the need to accumulate anything more, except a lot of love for ourselves and each other.


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